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One of the biggest problems with finding further information about the concepts discussed in my book is the dichotomy of views about the evidence and what it all means. Views can range from the firm conviction that ' ... there is no evidence' right through to books produced by professors and doctors of geology detailing the evidence that supports the concept.

The evidence is so upsetting to some people that they will readily tell you that they simply refuse to read about the concepts and try to persuade you to do the same. The Wikipedia entry for Expanding Earth has an entry that illustrates this confusion very well. Click on the tab (at the top of the page) that allows the discussion about the Expanding Earth entry to be viewed and here we can see various people attempting (and succeeding) to suppress the evidence. Note in particular the ‘call to arms’, the refusal to refer to scientific papers and the removal of current geologists working on the concept. Could the suppression be any clearer? Don Findlay has highlighted much of the stifling of the evidence in his blog.

If you can overcome this aversion to new ideas you will begin to find a wealth of evidence that supports the concepts. I've added links to web sites with further information on expanding earth, reduced gravity, and dinosaurs that might be of interest.

If you decide there is sufficient evidence to support the concepts you might also like to read various books as further background information. I’ve also recently started to create some book reading lists at Amazon UK and Amazon US which might be of interest.

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