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1980 to 1989

Ager, D. V. (1986). Migrating fossils, moving plates and an expanding Earth. Modern Geology, 10(4), 377-390.

Anderson, J. F., Hall Martin, A., & Russell, D. A. (1985). Long bone circumference and weight in mammals, birds and dinosaurs. Journal of Zoology, 207(1), 53-61.

Burrett, C., & Stait, B. (1985). South East Asia as a part of an Ordovician Gondwanaland—a palaeobiogeographic test of a tectonic hypothesis. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 75(2), 184-190.

Campbell Jr, K. E., & Tonni, E. P. (1983). Size and locomotion in teratorns (Aves: Teratornithidae). The Auk, 390-403.
Free pdf

Carey, S. W. (1981). The Expanding Earth - A Symposium. SW Carey (Editor). University of Tasmania Press. 423 pp.(1981). ISBN 0-85901-209-3.
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Carey, S. W. (1988). Theories of the Earth and Universe: a History of Dogma in the Earth Sciences.

Crawford, A. R. (1981). Central Asia and earth expansion. In The expanding Earth. A Symposium. Univ. of Sydney (pp. 10-14).

Crawford, A. R. (1982). The Pangaean Paradox: Where Is It? Journal of Petroleum Geology5(2), 149-160.
Abstract & paywall pdf

Crawford, A. R. (1986). The origin of the Pacific on an expanding earth. In The Origin of Arcs: Invited Papers Presented at the International Conference" The Origin of Arcs", Held at the University of Urbino, Urbino, Italy, September 22nd-25th, 1986 (Vol. 21, p. 423). Elsevier.
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Glikson, A. Y. (1980). Precambrian sial-sima relations: evidence for earth expansion. Tectonophysics, 63(1), 193-234.

Jeletzky, J.A. (1984). Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary Beds of Western and Arctic Canada and The Problem of the Tithonian-Berriasian Stages in the Boreal Realm. In Jurassic-Cretaceous Biochronology and Paleogeography of North America, edited by G.E.G. Westermann,  Geological Association of  Canada Special Paper  27, 1984.

King, L. C. (1983). Wandering continents and spreading sea floors on an expanding Earth.

Marden, J. H. (1987). Maximum lift production during takeoff in flying animals. Journal of Experimental Biology, 130(1), 235-258.
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Owen, H. G. (1981). Constant dimensions or an expanding Earth. In The evolving earth, 179-192. Published by the British Museum.
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Owen, H. G. (1983). Atlas of continental displacement: 200 million years to the present.
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Owen, H. G. (1984). The Earth is expanding and we don't know why. New Scientist, 104, 27-30.
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Shields, O. (1981). Trans-Pacific biotic links that suggest Earth expansion. In The expanding Earth. A Symposium. Univ. of Sydney (pp. 10-14).

Schmidt, P. W., & Embleton, B. J. J. (1981). A geotectonic paradox - Has the earth expanded. Journal of Geophysics Zeitschrift Geophysik, 49, 20-25.

Stocklin, J. (1981). Himalayan orogeny and Earth expansion. In The expanding Earth. A Symposium. Univ. of Sydney (pp. 10-14).

Stoeklin, J. (1984). The Tethys paradox in plate tectonics. Plate Reconstruction from Paleozoic Paleomagnetism: Interim Report of Working Group 2 on Phanerozoic Plate Motions and Orogenesis, 12, 27.

Vogel, K. (1981, February). Global models and Earth expansion. In The expanding Earth. A Symposium. Univ. of Sydney (pp. 10-14).
See Carey. The expanding Earth.

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