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An explanation for the gigantic scale of prehistoric life
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Q. Aren’t your ideas without substance and pseudoscientific?

A. Dissenters of new theories often try to label the ideas unscientific or pseudoscientific in an effort to discredit them. Surprisingly, this seems to be a last ditch attempt by people who are unable to provide any concrete scientific evidence against the ideas. Look through the comments section for some classic examples.
If you examine the concepts presented in my book in detail you will see that all the ideas are based on scientific evidence and reasoning. The hypothesis of a Reduced Gravity Earth, for example, predicts that the scale of life would be larger during the dinosaur’s time and this is in agreement with what we observe. The value of ancient gravity can be calculated using the scale effect concept explained in detail in chapters one and two of my book. The procedure can be replicated to calculate the value of gravity on the ancient Earth, so anyone can verify that the hypothesis predicts exactly the same results using the methods outlined in my book.

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