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 Scott Hartman’s skeletal drawing
 Palaeontologist and freelance palaeoartist Mark Witton Blog
 Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week by Mike Taylor, Matt Wedel and Darren Naish here
 Phil Manning blog here
 Prehistoric Art by Richard Bizley here
 Freelance illustrator of Sauropods blog here
 Paleontology on the Isle of Skye here
 Darren Naish publications here
 Heinrich Mallison blog here
 Paleobiology Database here


 Bill Erickson's Earth Science here
 Relationship between Gravity and Evolution (The theory of the increasing of the gravity) here
 Dinosaurs' end, the Gravitational Hypothesis here
 The Puzzle of Prehistoric Mega Fauna here
 Paleogravity: how radical is it?  Here


UK Geological Societies

 Liverpool Geological Society here
 Manchester Geological Association here
 North Wales Geology Association here
 Geologists' Association (UK) here
 Geology of Anglesey here

General Geology

 Mantel Plumes and Hotspots here
 EarthByte global and regional plate tectonic reconstructions here
 Geology of the Wessex Coast here
 New Concepts in Global Tectonics here

Expanding Earth

 Dr. James Maxlow - Global Expansion Tectonics
 James Maxlow - Quantification of an Archaean to Recent Earth Expansion Process Using Global Geological and Geophysical Data Sets here
 James Maxlow - Global Expansion Tectonics here
 Dennis McCarthy - The Fourth Revolt - the greatest scientific revolution in history is happening right now here
 Neal Adams - New Model of the Universe here
 Jan Koziar’s papers on the Expanding Earth here
 Lawrence S. Myers - Earth Expansion (archived) here
 Don Findlay - Plate Tectonics and This Expanding Earth here
 Don Findlay - Expanding Earth Blog here
 The friends of Klaus Vogel here
 Auxotectonics Forum - A scientific forum on expanding Earth here
 Bill Erickson - Earth Science here
 Keith Wilson - Expanding Earth Knowledge here
 The Expanded Earth here
 Andrew D Mackay - A new perspective on the origin and evolution of our planet here
 Michael Netzer  - Growing Earth Consortium here


Comets and Earth Formation

 The Interstellar Medium here
 Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery here
 Catastrophism here

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