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Archived Short Lecture Series

Thursday 27th August 2020
Can we calculate palaeogravity? by Stephen Hurrell
This lecture provided an overview of the latest attempts to produce the most accurate estimates of palaeogravity using the weight-mass technique.
Video of lecture

Thursday 24th September 2020 (1pm London Time)
Modelling seafloor crusts - part 1 by James Maxlow
This lecture focused on modelling seafloor crusts to create scale models of the Earth extending from the present to the Triassic.
Video of lecture

Thursday 8th October 2020 (1pm London Time)
Modelling seafloor crusts - part 2 by James Maxlow
This lecture continued to focus on modelling seafloor crusts to create scale models of the Earth. The models continued beyond the Triassic back to the early Archaean. We had an excellent range of in-depth questions during the Q&A session - I hadn’t heard of the evidence from Laterite before! This session was not recorded but James repeated this lecture at the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (YouTube video) if you missed it.

Thursday 19th November 2020 (1pm London Time)
Cosmology and Geophysics by John Eichler
This lecture delved into the possible link between a cosmological theory and Earth expansion.
Video of lecture

Thursday 10th December 2020 (1pm London Time)
Geotheory of The Growing Earth by Vedat Shehu
This lecture outlined the theory of the Earth’s growth from a cosmic ultra-dense core kernel transformation.
Video of lecture    Updated PowerPoint Presentation

Thursday 11th February 2021 (1pm London Time)
Receding Seas: the Earth Expansion Catalyst by Richard Guy
This lecture describes how the seas appear to be receding and its implications for the Expanding Earth theory.
Video of lecture

The recorded lectures have been placed In the YouTube playlist Short Lecture Series.

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