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Beyond Plate Tectonics

Unsettling settled science


James Maxlow


Science is never settled. New revolutionary ideas have always overturned the settled sciences of the past. In this far–reaching book the author looks beyond plate tectonics in order to detail the next earth science revolution.


Published: November 2018

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-88-255-1890-0


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Expanding Earth and Space Geodesy

Jan Koziar

A detailed examination of the circular arguments in space geodesy that result in many fictitious artefacts in the science, but are resolved with Earth expansion.

Published:  23 March 2018
Format: Paperback Edition
ISBN: 978-83-950414-0-2

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Spread and Growth Tectonics: the Eocene Transition

Karl W. Luckert

Luckert, now an emeritus professor at Missouri State University, has been working on the Expanding Earth question since 1979 and updates us with his latest thinking in this book, an enlarged version of his 1999 publication.

Published: 5 Mar. 2016
ISBN-10: 0983907269 ISBN-13: 978-0983907268

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On the Origin of Continents and Oceans: A Paradigm Shift in Understanding

James Maxlow

James Maxlow’s second book is a comprehensive text book covering all the latest evidence for Earth expansion. Hardback and kindle editions are available (Kindle edition is in two parts). There is a full review (pdf) of Maxlow’s book available.

Format: Hardback
Published: 31 Oct. 2014
ISBN-10: 8854856932    ISBN-13: 978-8854856936
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Format: Kindle Edition (Part 1 & 2)
Published: 1 Jun 2015
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Part 2:   Amazon UK, Amazon US

Terra non Firma Earth: Plate Tectonics is a Myth

James Maxlow

A kindle edition of James Maxlow’s popular first book about Earth expansion.

Published: 6 Mar. 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

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The Continental Drift Controversy (Four volumes)

Henry R. Frankel

The theories of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics are inherently interwoven with Earth expansion theories. Most history books simply ignore this obvious fact but Frankel presents the true history, including Earth expansion, making this history book the most comprehensive history of theories about the Earth available (up to about the 1970s).

Published: June 29, 2012
ISBN-10: 0521875072 ISBN-13: 978-0521875073

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The earth expansion evidence: A challenge for geology, geophysics and astronomy.

Editors: G. Scalera, E. Boschi, S. Cwojdzinski

A Book of Selected Contributions to the Interdisciplinary Workshop held in Erice, Sicily, Italy, 4-9 October 2011 at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre For Scientific Culture.

Published: 1 Jan. 2012
ISBN-10: 8854856932 ISBN-13: 978-8854856936

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Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth

Stephen Hurrell

Hardback third edition of my book and a Kindle edition. You can read what various people think about my book in these extracts of book reviews.

Published:  4 Sept. 2011 (3rd edition)
ISBN-10: 0952260379 ISBN-13: 978-0952260370
Hardback edition:  Amazon UK    Amazon US
Kindle edition:   Amazon UK    Amazon US

Biogeography in a Changing World (Systematics Association Special Volume Series)

Editors: Malte C. Ebach and‎ Raymond S. Tangney

Biogeography offers significant support for Earth expansion. This book presents the evidence for expansion in a chapter by Dennis McCarthy and an introduction by Neal Adams, who also provided the cover illustration.

Published:  2007
ISBN-10:  0849380383   ISBN-13:  978-0849380389

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Why Expanding Earth? : A book in honour of Ott Christoph Hilgenberg

Editors: Scalera, G., & Jacob, K. H.

Various authors examine the evidence for and against the Expanding Earth theory. Some of these have been made available as pdf copies by the authors (see publications index).

Published:  2003
ISBN-10:  ? ISBN-13:  ?

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Earth, Universe, Cosmos

S. Warren Carey

Professor Carey was a major champion of the Expanding Earth theory. In this 2nd edition of his last book he clearly illustrates how the major features of the Earth can be explained by an expanding Earth, with an explanation for the probable reason for a mass increase of the Earth. The book builds the foundation of a remarkable new Earth science for the 21st century.

Published:  2000 (2nd edition)
ISBN: 0 85901 715 X

Available from the University of Tasmania

Theories of the Earth and Universe: History of Dogma in the Earth Science

S. Warren Carey

“S. Warren Carey was a major champion of the Expanding Earth theory. This is the second book by one of the Fathers of the Expanding Earth theory ...”   

Published: 1 Mar. 1988
ISBN-10: 0804713642 ISBN-13: 978-0804713641

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Wandering Continents and Spreading Sea-floors on an Expanding Earth

Lester C. King

"A South African geologist presents his reasons to believe in an Expanding Earth ..."

Published: 7 Dec. 1983
ISBN-10: 0471901563 ISBN-13: 978-0471901563

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Falsification of the Eulerian motions of lithospheric plates

Circularity of the plate tectonics theory


Jan Koziar


Published: July 2018

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-6139860470


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Geological Proofs of Significant Expansion of the Earth

and its broader scientific context


Jan Koziar


Seven geological proofs of significant expansion of the Earth are presented in this book. Each of them is a proof of the fallacy of the basic and unproven assumption that the Earth is not expanding. This book was financed by the Board of the Association of Geologists Alumni of Wroclaw University. In their introduction to the book they state that the board considers this publication “may be the most important of Koziar’s books”. The book has also been made available as a free pdf copy.


Published: 2019

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-83-950414-1-9


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Atlas of Continental Displacement, 200 Million Years to the Present (Cambridge Earth Science Series)

H. G. Owen

"A British geologist presents his reasons to believe in an Expanding Earth ..."

Published: 1 Dec. 1983
ISBN-10: 0521258170 ISBN-13: 978-0521258173

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Expanding Earth: Some Consequences of Dirac's Gravitational Hypothesis (Monographs in Natural Philosophy)

"A German physicist presents his reasons to believe in an Expanding Earth ..."

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The Expanding Earth: Evidence, Causes and Effects

"A Japanese geology professor presents his reasons to believe in an Expanding Earth ..."

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Our expanding earth, the ultimate cause

"An American geologist presents his reason to believe in an Expanding Earth ..."

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Planet Earth expanding and the Eocene tectonic event: Paradigm shift toward expansion tectonics

"A German professor presents his reasons to believe in an Expanding Earth..."

Published: 7 Dec. 1983
ISBN-10: 0471901563 ISBN-13: 978-0471901563

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A Voyage of Discovery: A History of Ideas about the Earth

"This has a chapter about the Expanding Earth..."

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Global Eduction Tectonics of the Expanding Earth

"A Russian geologist presents his reasons to believe in an Expanding Earth. Still saving up for this one..."

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The Growing and Developing Earth

"An Alanian geologist presents his reasons to believe in an Expanding Earth ..."

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"How life responded to an expanding earth"

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Eduction Concept of the Earth's Expansion Theory: Main Grounds, Paleomagnetic and Geodetic Evidences, Metallogenic Consequences: Main Grounds, ... Evidence, Metallogenic Consequences

"A Russian geologist presents his reasons to believe in an Expanding Earth."

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Page updated  03 Nov 2019

The Hidden History of Earth Expansion:  Told by researchers creating a Modern Theory of the Earth

Stephen W. Hurrell (editor)


The Hidden History of Earth Expansion presents the unique personal histories of British, American, Australian, German, Polish, Romanian, Indian, Albanian and Jamaican science innovators as they strived to produce a modern theory of the Earth. It includes chapters expressly written for the book by some of the most well-known researchers into Earth expansion: Hugh G. Owen, Cliff Ollier, Karl-Heinz Jacob, James Maxlow, Jan Koziar, Stefan Cwojdziñski, Carl Strutinski, Stephen W. Hurrell, John B. Eichler, William C. Erickson, David Noel, Zahid A. Khan, Ram Chandra Tewari, Vedat Shehu and Richard Guy. In addition to furnishing us with their personal histories of Earth expansion and the seemingly overwhelming evidence for its confirmation, the authors’ highlight areas where further research is required.


Published: 2020

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780952 26038 7


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