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Cwojdzinski, S. (2016). History of a discussion: selected aspects of the Earth expansion v. plate tectonics theories. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 442, SP442-24.
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Eichler, J.B. (2015). Rhetoric and Paradigm Change in Science: Three Case Studies. University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
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Hurrell, S.W. (2015). Book Review of James Maxlow’s On the Origin of Continents and Oceans: A Paradigm Shift in Understanding.
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Hurrell, S.W. (2017). Early speculations about Earth expansion by Alfred Wilks Drayson (1827-1901) and William Thorp (1804-1860).
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Hurrell, S.W. (2018). A palaeogravity calculation based on weight and mass estimates of Giraffatitan (=Brachiosaurus) brancai.
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Khan, Z.A., & Tewari, R.C. (2016). The Concept of Gondwanaland and Pangaea: A reappraisal. Journal of Applied Geology and Geophysics (IOSR-JAGG)
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Khan, Z. A., & Tewari, R.C. (2016). A Critical Analysis of North-South Continuity of Landmasses across Indus-Yarlu-Tsangpo Suture Zone: Its Bearing on the Himalayan Evolution. Geosciences Research. Volume 1, Number 1. PP. 60-79, Pub. Date: November 28, 2016.
Introduction   Abstract & Free pdf    Comments    Google Scholar

Khan, Z. A., & Tewari, R.C. (2016). The facts and fictions of the Oceanic Tethys concept. SCIREA Journal of Geosciences.
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Khan, Z.A., Tewari, R.C. & Hota, R.N. (2017). Problems in Accepting Plate Tectonics and Subduction as a Mechanism of Himalaya Evolution. IOSR Journal of Applied Geology and Geophysics (IOSR-JAGG) e-ISSN: 2321–0990, p-ISSN: 2321–0982.Volume 5, Issue 3 Ver. I (May - June 2017), PP 81-100 www.iosrjournals.org
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Khan, Z. A., Tewari, R. C., & Hota, R. N. (2017). Collision of Indian Plate and Indus Tsangpo Suture Zone: Some Geological Constraints. Earth Sciences, 6(4), 51.
Abstract & Free pdf     Comments    Google Scholar

Khan, Z. A., & Tewari, R. C. (2017). Indus-Yarlung-Tsangpo Suture Zone Concept - A Second Opinion. Journal of Tethys: Vol, 5(3), 218-239.
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Khan, Z. A., & Tewari, R. C. (2018). Chaman-Nal Fault and India Asia Suture. Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-613-9-89545-8. August 2018
Abstract & Free pdf

Koziar, J. (2016). Falsification of the Eulerian Motions of Lithospheric Plates. Wrocław Geotectonic laboratory.
Abstract pdf     Full free pdf

Koziar, J. (2017). Falsification of the Eulerian motions of lithospheric plates. SUPPLEMENT
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Koziar, J. (2017). Tensional development of active continental margins (presentation) - Contact author for details

Koziar, J. (2017). Ekspansja Ziemi i jej dowody (Expansion of the Earth and its proofs). In Polish only
Full free pdf

Koziar, J. (2018). Expansion of the World Geodetic Ellipsoid.
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Koziar, J. (2018). Expanding Earth and Space Geodesy. ISBN: 978-83-950414-0-2. Format: Paperback Edition. Published:  23 March 2018.  
Book review    Free pdf    Google Scholar

Koziar, J. (2018). Falsification of the Eulerian motions of lithospheric plates: Circularity of the plate tectonics theory. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing ISBN-13: 978-613-9-86047-0. (2018-06-28).
Book details  

Kragh, H. (2016). Varying Gravity: Dirac’s Legacy in Cosmology and Geophysics. Springer International Publishing.

Mardfar, R. (2016). Increase of Earth Gravity and Bio-Evolution: The Increasing Earth Gravity Theory. ISBN-13: 978-3659971075. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (11 Nov. 2016).
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Marinov, M. (2015). The seven “oddities” of Pacific Odonata biogeography. In Journal of the International Dragonfly Fund.
Introduction   Abstract & Free pdf   Comments    Google Scholar

Maxlow, J. (2016). Modelling Modern Global Geodata on the Ancient Earth.
Introduction   Free pdf   Comments   

Maxlow, J. (2016). Dinosaurs on an Expanding Earth.
Introduction   Free pdf   Comments

Maxlow, J. (2016). Is Plate Tectonics better suited to an increasing radius Earth Model?  December 2016 edition of AIG News. pp 39-43.
Introduction   Free pdf of AIG News    Comments    

Maxlow, J. (2018). Beyond Plate Tectonics: Unsettling settled science. ISBN 978-88-255-1890-0. Pub: Aracne editrice.
Aracne editrice    

Meyl, K. (2015). Earth Expansion by Neutrino-Power. J Geol Geophys 4: 219.
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Owen, H. G. (2018). Expanding Earth Diagrams.
Introduction     Free pdf  

Ramos, M. E., Ramos, E. D., & Ramos, V. A. (2017). Pablo Groeber y la Dilatacion de la Tierra. (Pablo Groeber and the expanding Earth) Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina, 74(1), 125-133.
Abstract & Free pdf   Comments    Google Scholar

Scalera, G. (2015) The Sea Level Enigmatic Rising -- New Perspectives from an Expanding Globe.
Abstract & Free pdf    Google Scholar

Scalera, G. (2015). Cause of East-West Earth Asymmetry.
Abstract & pdf    Free pdf     Google Scholar

Scalera, G. (2017). From Geosciences to Cosmology. The Need for a Constitutive Matter.
Free pdf     Comments    Google Scholar

Scalera, G. (2018). Late Triassic Sequence of Paleogeographic Maps Assisted by the GPMDB.
Free pdf    Google Scholar

Sellers, W. I., Pond, S. B., Brassey, C. A., Manning, P. L., & Bates, K. T. (2017). Investigating the running abilities of Tyrannosaurus rex using stress-constrained multibody dynamic analysis. PeerJ, 5, e3420.
Abstract & free pdf    Discussion    Comments    Google Scholar

Shen, W., Shen, Z., Sun, R., & Barkin, Y. (2015). The evidences of the expanding Earth from space-geodetic data over solid land and sea level rise in recent two decades. Geodesy and Geodynamics.
Abstract & Free pdf   Comments    Google Scholar

Shen W.B., Sun R., Barkin Yu.V., Shen Z.Y. (2015). Estimation of the asymmetric vertical variation of the southern and northern hemispheres of the Earth. Geodynamics & Tectonophysics 6 (1), 45–61. doi:10.5800/GT-2015-6-1-0171.
Free pdf    Google Scholar

Shen, W., & Na, S.H. (2017). Atmospheric acceleration and Earth-expansion deceleration of the Earth rotation. Geodesy and Geodynamics.
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Strutinski, C. (2015). Some reflections on the charts of the ocean floor: Do they hide more than they reveal?
Free pdf    Comments
[N.B. See also paper by Strutinski (2015) Case study 1]

Strutinski, C. (2015). Inconsistencies of the plate tectonics rationale: Case study Nr.1
Free pdf    Comments    Google Scholar
[N.B. See also paper by Strutinski (2015) Some reflections...]

Strutinski, C. (2015). A super-mobilistic Earth expansion hypothesis: Australia’s voyage to the East (Case History Nr. 2)
Free pdf    Comments    Google Scholar

Strutinski, C. (2015). The transform fault – a golden calf of Plate Tectonics. Critique of the concept and alternative view on ‘ridge transforms’ (Case study Nr. 3)
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Strutinski, C. (2016).  Wachsende Schwerkraft - Triebfeder der Evolution? (Increasing gravity - driving force of evolution?) German text with English Abstract.
Abstract & Free pdf   Comments
   Google Scholar

Strutinski, C. (2016). The Lilliput Effect – a response of life to increasing gravity.
Introduction   Abstract & Free pdf    Comments
   Google Scholar

Strutinski, C. (2016). Two essays on an annotated edition of Darwin’s ORIGIN OF SPECIES, Or An Expansionist’s alternative to Gould, Dawkins & Co.
Introduction    Free pdf    Google Scholar

Strutinski, C. (2018). Plattentektonik passé - Wie Mantelströme und Erdwachstum den indopazifischen Raum gestalten (Plate tectonics passé - How asthenocurrents and the growing Earth are moulding the Indo-Pacific region)
Free pdf (In German, with English abstract and figure captions)

Strutinski, C. (2019). A short note on the "plasticity" of the Earth's crust, taking the Southeast Asian region as a case example.
Free pdf

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