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An explanation for the gigantic scale of prehistoric life
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Short Internet Lectures delivered via Zoom. The 1pm London Time has been chosen so most people around the world can contribute with questions and comments at the end of the lecture. Booking is required but the lecture is free. If you would like to attend the live lecture please send your email address to Stephen Hurrell, via Facebook or Twitter, so a Zoom connection link can be emailed to you. The lecture will be live but may be recorded (depending on the preference of the lecturer) and placed on YouTube to form part of the Short Lecture Series.

The ultimate aim is to invite various guest lecturers to deliver a series of talks related to Earth expansion or palaeogravity. Please contact Stephen Hurrell if you have a suggestion for a particular topic or guest lecturer.

Short Lecture Series
Thursday 11th February 2021 (1pm London Time)
Receding Seas: the Earth Expansion Catalyst by Richard Guy

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