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Q. You assume in your book that the Earth expansion rate was initially very slow and then increased exponentially. What justification do you have for this?

A. My ancient Earth reconstructions, based on the geological evidence for Earth expansion, show an exponentially increasing rate of expansion. The graph of Earth’s ‘Changing Diameter From Geological Data’ shown in chapter 4 of my book is based on these computer generated reconstructions and it is clear this is exponential.
In addition to this, once the geological data is extrapolated over the 4,600 million years of the estimated age of the Earth it is also clear the expansion must be exponential as shown in the graph of ‘Comparison of Earth Formation Theories’ shown in chapter 5. This all fits the concept of continuous accretion from cosmic material as explained in chapter 5.
Also, the evidence for increasing gravity based on the scale effects on ancient life indicates an exponentially increasing gravity, as shown in the graph ‘Gravity Variation Estimated From Scale of Prehistoric Life’ shown in chapter 2 of my book, and this agrees with the geological evidence for an exponentially Increasing Mass Expanding Earth.
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