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This web site is dedicated to exploring the mounting evidence that dinosaurs lived in a reduced gravity.

The last few years have seen a remarkable upsurge in interest about this fascinating and controversial subject. This exciting new information is highlighted as it happens, with suggestions for further reading and the latest news.

Most pages have Quick Links to other relevant pages but the main web site is split into the sections shown below. They can also be accessed via the drop down menu at the top of each page. You can contact me as suggested on the Contact me page.

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Page updated  07 Feb 2024


Dinosaurs’ gravity

Exploring how dinosaurs lived in a reduced gravity and its effects on lifestyle and size.

Earth expansion

Details the history and scientific evidence for Earth expansion.

Latest news

All the latest news, updates and your comments.


Details of  some of the 1,000+ science papers relevant to reduced gravity and Earth expansion. Many are free.