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The globe above shows my computer generated Expanding Earth reconstruction of the ancient Earth at various stages of its history. The reconstruction starts at 120 million years ago and shows a sequence of globes at intervals of 10 million years. The number in the top right hand corner is the age in million years, so 120 MA is 120 Million Years Ago and so on until the present at 0 MA.

Note in particular that the Earth can be reconstructed so a complete and continuous sphere of the Earth can be formed at all times in the past. The concept of continual recycling of the ocean crust via subduction and giant convection cells to maintain a Constant Diameter Earth does not explain the observation that these reconstructions are accurate at all time intervals. The only concept that predicts this observation is the Expanding Earth theory. As the sequence runs new Ocean Floor can be seen forming so the continents move apart. Since this is happening world-wide the Earth must increase in diameter.


These expanding Earth animations show the expanding Earth from 120 million years ago to the present over the Atlantic, Africa, India, Australia, Pacific and America to match the reconstructions shown on page 118 to 123 of the third edition of my book Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth.

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Updated 02Apr12